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The Prophets of The Exile

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CHAPTER 45 References

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The Holy District


1 “Moreover, when you adivide the land by lot into inheritance, you shall bset apart a district for the LORD, a holy section of the land; its length shall be twenty-five thousand cubits, and the width ten thousand. It shall be holy throughout its territory all around.
2 “Of this there shall be a square plot for the sanctuary, afive hundred by five hundred rods, with fifty cubits around it for an open space.
3 “So this is the district you shall measure: twenty-five thousand cubits long and ten thousand wide; ain it shall be the sanctuary, the Most Holy Place.
4 “It shall be aa holy section of the land, belonging to the priests, the ministers of the sanctuary, who

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come near to minister to the LORD; it shall be a place for their houses and a holy place for the sanctuary.
5 a“An area twenty-five thousand cubits long and ten thousand wide shall belong to the Levites, the ministers of the 1temple; they shall have btwenty2 chambers as a possession.

Properties of the City and the Prince

6 a“You shall appoint as the property of the city an area five thousand cubits wide and twenty-five thousand long, adjacent to the district of the holy section; it shall belong to the whole house of Israel.
7 a“The prince shall have a section on one side and the other of the holy district and the city’s property; and bordering on the holy district and the city’s property, extending westward on the west side and eastward on the east side, the length shall be side by side with one of the tribal portions, from the west border to the east border.
8 “The land shall be his possession in Israel; and aMy princes shall no more oppress My people, but they shall give the rest of the land to the house of Israel, according to their tribes.”

Laws Governing the Prince

9 ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: a“Enough, O princes of Israel! bRemove violence and plundering, execute justice and righteousness, and stop dispossessing My people,” says the Lord GOD.
10 “You shall have ahonest scales, an honest ephah, and an honest bath.
11 “The ephah and the bath shall be of the same measure, so that the bath contains one-tenth of a homer, and the ephah one-tenth of a homer; their measure shall be according to the homer.
12 “The ashekel shall be twenty gerahs; twenty shekels, twenty-five shekels, and fifteen shekels shall be your mina.
13 “This is the offering which you shall offer: you shall give one-sixth of an ephah from a homer of wheat, and one-sixth of an ephah from a homer of barley.
14 “The ordinance concerning oil, the bath of oil, is one-tenth of a bath from a kor. A kor is a homer or ten baths, for ten baths are a homer.
15 “And one lamb shall be given from a flock of two hundred, from the rich pastures of Israel. These shall be for grain offerings, burnt offerings, and peace offerings, ato make atonement for them,” says the Lord GOD.
16 “All the people of the land shall give this offering for the prince in Israel.

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1Lit. house
2So with MT,
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a possession,
cities of
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CHAPTER 46 References

1 aEx. 20:9
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17 “Then it shall be the aprince’s part to give burnt offerings, grain offerings, and drink offerings, at the feasts, the New Moons, the Sabbaths, and at all the appointed seasons of the house of Israel. He shall prepare the sin offering, the grain offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings to make atonement for the house of Israel.”

Keeping the Feasts

18 ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “In the first month, on the first day of the month, you shall take a young bull without blemish and acleanse the sanctuary.
19 a“The priest shall take some of the blood of the sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the 1temple, on the four corners of the ledge of the altar, and on the gateposts of the gate of the inner court.
20 “And so you shall do on the seventh day of the month afor everyone who has sinned unintentionally or in ignorance. Thus you shall make atonement for the temple.
21 a“In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, you shall observe the Passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread shall be eaten.
22 “And on that day the prince shall prepare for himself and for all the people of the land aa bull for a sin offering.
23 “On the aseven days of the feast he shall prepare a burnt offering to the LORD, seven bulls and seven rams without blemish, daily for seven days, band a kid of the goats daily for a sin offering.
24 a“And he shall prepare a grain offering of one ephah for each bull and one ephah for each ram, together with a hin of oil for each ephah.
25 “In the seventh month, on the fifteenth day of the month, at the afeast, he shall do likewise for seven days, according to the sin offering, the burnt offering, the grain offering, and the oil.”

The Manner of Worship


1 ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “The gateway of the inner court that faces toward the east shall be shut the six aworking days; but on the Sabbath it shall be opened, and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened.
2 a“The prince shall enter by way of the vestibule of the gateway from the outside, and stand by the gatepost. The priests shall prepare his burnt offering and his peace offerings. He shall worship at the threshold of the gate. Then he shall go out, but the gate shall not be shut until evening.

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3 “Likewise the people of the land shall worship at the entrance to this gateway before the LORD on the Sabbaths and the New Moons.
4 “The burnt offering that athe prince offers to the LORD on the bSabbath day shall be six lambs without blemish, and a ram without blemish;
5 a“and the grain offering shall be one ephah for a ram, and the grain offering for the lambs, 1as much as he wants to give, as well as a hin of oil with every ephah.
6 “On the day of the New Moon it shall be a young bull without blemish, six lambs, and a ram; they shall be without blemish.
7 “He shall prepare a grain offering of an ephah for a bull, an ephah for a ram, 1as much as he wants to give for the lambs, and a hin of oil with every ephah.
8 a“When the prince enters, he shall go in by way of the vestibule of the gateway, and go out the same way.
9 “But when the people of the land acome before the LORD on the appointed feast days, whoever enters by way of the north bgate to worship shall go out by way of the south gate; and whoever enters by way of the south gate shall go out by way of the north gate. He shall not return by way of the gate through which he came, but shall go out through the opposite gate.
10 “The prince shall then be in their midst. When they go in, he shall go in; and when they go out, he shall go out.
11 “At the festivals and the appointed feast days athe grain offering shall be an ephah for a bull, an ephah for a ram, as much as he wants to give for the lambs, and a hin of oil with every ephah.
12 “Now when the prince makes a voluntary burnt offering or voluntary peace offering to the LORD, the gate that faces toward the east ashall then be opened for him; and he shall prepare his burnt offering and his peace offerings as he did on the Sabbath day. Then he shall go out, and after he goes out the gate shall be shut.
13 a“You shall daily make a burnt offering to the LORD of a lamb of the first year without blemish; you shall prepare it 1every morning.
14 “And you shall prepare a grain offering with it every morning, a sixth of an ephah, and a third of a hin of oil to moisten the fine flour. This grain offering is a perpetual ordinance, to be made regularly to the LORD.
15 “Thus they shall prepare the lamb, the grain offering, and the oil, as a aregular burnt offering every morning.”

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the gift of his
7 1Lit. as
much as his
hand can
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23 1Lit. boiling
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house of
those who
boil 2Lit.

CHAPTER 47 References

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The Prince and Inheritance Laws

16 ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “If the prince gives a gift of some of his inheritance to any of his sons, it shall belong to his sons; it is their possession by inheritance.
17 “But if he gives a gift of some of his inheritance to one of his servants, it shall be his until athe year of liberty, after which it shall return to the prince. But his inheritance shall belong to his sons; it shall become theirs.
18 “Moreover athe prince shall not take any of the people’s inheritance by evicting them from their property; he shall provide an inheritance for his sons from his own property, so that none of My people may be scattered from his property.” ’ ”

How the Offerings Were Prepared

19 Now he brought me through the entrance, which was at the side of the gate, into the holy achambers of the priests which face toward the north; and there a place was situated at their extreme western end.
20 And he said to me, “This is the place where the priests shall aboil the trespass offering and the sin offering, and where they shall bbake the grain offering, so that they do not bring them out into the outer court cto sanctify the people.”
21 Then he brought me out into the outer court and caused me to pass by the four corners of the court; and in fact, in every corner of the court there was another court.
22 In the four corners of the court were enclosed courts, forty cubits long and thirty wide; all four corners were the same size.
23 There was a row of building stones all around in them, all around the four of them; and 1cooking hearths were made under the rows of stones all around.
24 And he said to me, “These are the 1kitchens where the ministers of the 2temple shall aboil the sacrifices of the people.”

The Healing Waters and Trees


1 Then he brought me back to the door of the 1temple; and there was awater, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple, south of the altar.
2 He brought me out by way of the north gate, and led me around on the outside to the outer gateway that faces aeast; and there was water, running out on the right side.
3 And when athe man went out to the east with the line in his hand, he measured one thousand cubits, and he brought me through the wa-

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ters; the water came up to my ankles.
4 Again he measured one thousand and brought me through the waters; the water came up to my knees. Again he measured one thousand and brought me through; the water came up to my waist.
5 Again he measured one thousand, and it was a river that I could not cross; for the water was too deep, water in which one must swim, a river that could not be crossed.
6 He said to me, “Son of man, have you seen this?” Then he brought me and returned me to the bank of the river.
7 When I returned, there, along the bank of the river, were very many atrees on one side and the other.
8 Then he said to me: “This water flows toward the eastern region, goes down into the 1valley, and enters the sea. When it reaches the sea, its waters are healed.
9 “And it shall be that every living thing that moves, wherever 1the rivers go, will live. There will be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters go there; for they will be healed, and everything will live wherever the river goes.
10 “It shall be that fishermen will stand by it from En Gedi to En Eglaim; they will be places for spreading their nets. Their fish will be of the same kinds as the fish aof the Great Sea, exceedingly many.
11 “But its swamps and marshes will not be healed; they will be given over to salt.
12 a“Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; btheir leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every month, because their water flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for cmedicine.”1

Borders of the Land

13 Thus says the Lord GOD: “These are the aborders by which you shall divide the land as an inheritance among the twelve tribes of Israel. bJoseph shall have two portions.
14 “You shall inherit it equally with one another; for I araised My hand in an oath to give it to your fathers, and this land shall bfall to you as your inheritance.
15 “This shall be the border of the land on the north: from the Great Sea, by athe road to Hethlon, as one goes to bZedad,
16 a“Hamath, bBerothah, Sibraim (which is between the border of Damascus and the border of Hamath), to Hazar Hatticon (which is on the border of Hauran).
17 “Thus the boundary shall be from the Sea to aHazar Enan,

7 a[Is. 60:13,
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The Jordan
9 1Lit. two
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CHAPTER 48 References

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the border of Damascus; and as for the north, northward, it is the border of Hamath. This is the north side.
18 “On the east side you shall mark out the border from between Hauran and Damascus, and between Gilead and the land of Israel, along the Jordan, and along the eastern side of the sea. This is the east side.
19 “The south side, toward the 1South, shall be from Tamar to athe waters of 2Meribah by Kadesh, along the brook to the Great Sea. This is the south side, toward the South.
20 “The west side shall be the Great Sea, from the southern boundary until one comes to a point opposite Hamath. This is the west side.
21 “Thus you shall adivide this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel.
22 “It shall be that you will divide it by alot as an inheritance for yourselves, band for the strangers who dwell among you and who bear children among you. cThey shall be to you as native-born among the children of Israel; they shall have an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.
23 “And it shall be that in whatever tribe the stranger dwells, there you shall give him his inheritance,” says the Lord GOD.

Division of the Land


1 “Now these are the names of the tribes: aFrom the northern border along the road to Hethlon at the entrance of Hamath, to Hazar Enan, the border of Damascus northward, in the direction of Hamath, there shall be one section for bDan from its east to its west side;
2 “by the border of Dan, from the east side to the west, one section for aAsher;
3 “by the border of Asher, from the east side to the west, one section for aNaphtali;
4 “by the border of Naphtali, from the east side to the west, one section for aManasseh;
5 “by the border of Manasseh, from the east side to the west, one section for aEphraim;
6 “by the border of Ephraim, from the east side to the west, one section for aReuben;
7 “by the border of Reuben, from the east side to the west, one section for aJudah;
8 “by the border of Judah, from the east side to the west, shall be athe district which you shall set apart, twenty-five thousand cubits in width, and in length the same as one of the other portions, from the east side to the west, with the bsanctuary in the center.
9 “The district that you shall set apart for the LORD shall be twenty-

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five thousand cubits in length and ten thousand in width.
10 “To these—to the priests—the holy district shall belong: on the north twenty-five thousand cubits in length, on the west ten thousand in width, on the east ten thousand in width, and on the south twentyfive thousand in length. The sanctuary of the LORD shall be in the center.
11 a“It shall be for the priests of the sons of Zadok, who are sanctified, who have kept My charge, who did not go astray when the children of Israel went astray, bas the Levites went astray.
12 “And this district of land that is set apart shall be to them a thing most aholy by the border of the Levites.
13 “Opposite the border of the priests, the aLevites shall have an area twenty-five thousand cubits in length and ten thousand in width; its entire length shall be twentyfive thousand and its width ten thousand.
14 a“And they shall not sell or exchange any of it; they may not alienate this best part of the land, for it is holy to the LORD.
15 a“The five thousand cubits in width that remain, along the edge of the twenty-five thousand, shall be bfor general use by the city, for dwellings and common-land; and the city shall be in the center.
16 “These shall be its measurements: the north side four thousand five hundred cubits, the south side four thousand five hundred, the east side four thousand five hundred, and the west side four thousand five hundred.
17 “The common-land of the city shall be: to the north two hundred and fifty cubits, to the south two hundred and fifty, to the east two hundred and fifty, and to the west two hundred and fifty.
18 “The rest of the length, alongside the district of the holy section, shall be ten thousand cubits to the east and ten thousand to the west. It shall be adjacent to the district of the holy section, and its produce shall be food for the workers of the city.
19 a“The workers of the city, from all the tribes of Israel, shall cultivate it.
20 “The entire district shall be twenty-five thousand cubits by twenty-five thousand cubits, foursquare. You shall set apart the holy district with the property of the city.
21 a“The rest shall belong to the prince, on one side and on the other of the holy district and of the city’s property, next to the twenty-five

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1Heb. Negev
2Lit. Strife
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1Heb. YHWH

thousand cubits of the holy district as far as the eastern border, and westward next to the twenty-five thousand as far as the western border, adjacent to the tribal portions; it shall belong to the prince. It shall be the holy district, band the sanctuary of the 1temple shall be in the center.
22 “Moreover, apart from the possession of the Levites and the possession of the city which are in the midst of what belongs to the prince, the area between the border of Judah and the border of aBenjamin shall belong to the prince.
23 “As for the rest of the tribes, from the east side to the west, Benjamin shall have one section;
24 “by the border of Benjamin, from the east side to the west, aSimeon shall have one section;
25 “by the border of Simeon, from the east side to the west, aIssachar shall have one section;
26 “by the border of Issachar, from the east side to the west, aZebulun shall have one section;
27 “by the border of Zebulun, from the east side to the west, aGad shall have one section;
28 “by the border of Gad, on the south side, toward the 1South, the border shall be from Tamar to athe waters of 2Meribah by Kadesh, along the brook to the bGreat Sea.
29 a“This is the land which you shall divide by lot as an inheritance among the tribes of Israel, and these are their portions,” says the Lord GOD.

The Gates of the City and Its Name

30 “These are the exits of the city. On the north side, measuring four thousand five hundred cubits
31 a“(the gates of the city shall be named after the tribes of Israel), the three gates northward: one gate for Reuben, one gate for Judah, and one gate for Levi;
32 “on the east side, four thousand five hundred cubits, three gates: one gate for Joseph, one gate for Benjamin, and one gate for Dan;
33 “on the south side, measuring four thousand five hundred cubits, three gates: one gate for Simeon, one gate for Issachar, and one gate for Zebulun;
34 “on the west side, four thousand five hundred cubits with their three gates: one gate for Gad, one gate for Asher, and one gate for Naphtali.
35 “All the way around shall be eighteen thousand cubits; aand the name of the city from that day shall be: bTHE1 LORD IS THERE.”

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Redemption Remembered in Present Dishonor

To the Chief Musician. A aContemplation1 of the sons of Korah.

1 WE have heard with our ears, O God, aOur fathers have told us, The deeds You did in their days, In days of old:
2 aYou drove out the 1nations with Your hand, But them You planted; You afflicted the peoples, and cast them out.
3 For athey did not gain possession of the land by their own sword, Nor did their own arm save them; But it was Your right hand,Your arm, and the light of Your countenance, bBecause You favored them.

4 aYou are my King, 1O God; 2Command victories for Jacob.
5 Through You awe will push down our enemies; Through Your name we will trample those who rise up against us.
6 For aI will not trust in my bow, Nor shall my sword save me.
7 But You have saved us from our enemies, And have put to shame those who hated us.
8 aIn God we boast all day long, And praise Your name forever. Selah

9 But aYou have cast us off and put us to shame, And You do not go out with our armies.
10 You make us aturn back from the enemy, And those who hate us have taken 1spoil for themselves.
11 aYou have given us up like sheep intended for food, And have bscattered us among the nations.
12 aYou sell Your people for next to nothing, And are not enriched by selling them.

PSALM 44 References

title aPs.
42:title 1Heb.
1 a[Ex. 12:26,
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4:37; 7:7, 8] 4 a[Ps. 74:12] 1So with MT,
Tg.; LXX,Vg.
and my God
2So with MT,
Tg.; LXX,
Syr.,Vg. who
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b[Ps. 23:4] 20 a[Deut.
6:14] 1Worshiped
21 aJob 31:14;
[Ps. 139:1, 2;
Jer. 17:10] 22 aRom. 8:36
23 aPs. 7:6
24 aJob 13:24
25 aPs. 119:25
1Ground, in

13 aYou make us a reproach to our neighbors, A scorn and a derision to those all around us.
14 aYou make us a byword among the nations, bA shaking of the head among the peoples.
15 My dishonor is continually before me, And the shame of my face has covered me,
16 Because of the voice of him who reproaches and reviles, aBecause of the enemy and the avenger.

17 aAll this has come upon us; But we have not forgotten You, Nor have we dealt falsely with Your covenant.
18 Our heart has not turned back, aNor have our steps departed from Your way;
19 But You have severely broken us in athe place of jackals, And covered us bwith the shadow of death.

20 If we had forgotten the name of our God, Or astretched1 out our hands to a foreign god,
21 aWould not God search this out? For He knows the secrets of the heart.
22 aYet for Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

23 aAwake! Why do You sleep, O Lord? Arise! Do not cast us off forever.
24 aWhy do You hide Your face, And forget our affliction and our oppression?
25 For aour soul is bowed down to the 1dust; Our body clings to the ground.
26 Arise for our help, And redeem us for Your mercies’ sake.




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