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The Revelation

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The Lamb and the 144,000


1 Then I looked, and behold, 1a aLamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him bone hundred and forty-four thousand, 2having His Father’s name cwritten on their foreheads.
2 And I heard a voice from heaven, alike the voice of many waters, and like the voice of loud thunder. And I heard the sound of bharpists playing their harps.
3 They sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders; and no one could learn that song aexcept the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth.
4 These are the ones who were not defiled with women, afor they are virgins. These are the ones bwho follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These cwere 1redeemed from among men, dbeing firstfruits to God and to the Lamb.
5 And ain their mouth was found no 1deceit, for bthey are without fault 2before the throne of God.

The Proclamations of Three Angels

6 Then I saw another angel aflying in the midst of heaven, bhaving the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth—cto every nation, tribe, tongue, and people—
7 saying with a loud voice, a“Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; band worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.”
8 And another angel followed, saying, aBabylon1 is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because bshe has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”
9 Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, a“If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his bmark on his forehead or on his hand,
10 “he himself ashall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is bpoured out full strength into cthe cup of His indignation. dHe shall be tormented with efire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.
11 “And athe smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”
12 aHere is the 1patience of the saints; bhere2 are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.
13 Then I heard a voice from heaven saying 1to me, “Write: a‘Blessed are the dead bwho die in the Lord from now on.’ ” “Yes,” says the Spirit, c“that they may rest from

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their labors, and their works follow dthem.”

Reaping the Earth’s Harvest

14 Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and on the cloud sat One like the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle.
15 And another angel acame out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud, b“Thrust in Your sickle and reap, for the time has come 1for You to reap, for the harvest cof the earth is ripe.”
16 So He who sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped.

Reaping the Grapes of Wrath

17 Then another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle.
18 And another angel came out from the altar, awho had power over fire, and he cried with a loud cry to him who had the sharp sickle, saying, b“Thrust in your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, for her grapes are fully ripe.”
19 So the angel thrust his sickle into the earth and gathered the vine of the earth, and threw it into athe great winepress of the wrath of God.
20 And athe winepress was trampled boutside the city, and blood came out of the winepress, cup to the horses’ bridles, for one thousand six hundred 1furlongs.

Prelude to the Bowl Judgments


1 Then aI saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous: bseven angels having the seven last plagues, cfor in them the wrath of God is complete.
2 And I saw something like aa sea of glass bmingled with fire, and those who have the victory over the beast, cover his image and 1over his mark and over the dnumber of his name, standing on the sea of glass, ehaving harps of God.
3 They sing athe song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the bLamb, saying:

c“Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! dJust and true are Your ways, O King of the 1saints!
4 aWho shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name? For You alone are bholy. For call nations shall come and worship before You,

page 1090


For Your judgments have been manifested.”

5 After these things I looked, and 1behold, athe 2temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened.
6 And out of the 1temple came the seven angels having the seven plagues, aclothed in pure bright linen, and having their chests girded with golden bands.
7 aThen one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God bwho lives forever and ever.
8 aThe temple was filled with smoke bfrom the glory of God and from His power, and no one was able to enter the temple till the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.


1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying ato the seven angels, “Go and pour out the 1bowls bof the wrath of God on the earth.”

First Bowl: Loathsome Sores

2 So the first went and poured out his bowl aupon the earth, and a 1foul and bloathsome sore came upon the men cwho had the mark of the beast and those dwho worshiped his image.

Second Bowl: The Sea Turns to Blood

3 Then the second angel poured out his bowl aon the sea, and bit became blood as of a dead man; cand every living creature in the sea died.

Third Bowl: The Waters Turn to Blood

4 Then the third angel poured out his bowl aon the rivers and springs of water, band they became blood.
5 And I heard the angel of the waters saying:

a“You are righteous, 1O Lord, The One bwho is and who 2was and who is to be, Because You have judged these things.
6 For athey have shed the blood bof saints and prophets, cAnd You have given them blood to drink. 1For it is their just due.”

7 And I heard 1another from the altar saying, “Even so, aLord God Almighty, btrue and righteous are Your judgments.”

Fourth Bowl: Men Are Scorched

8 Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl aon the sun, band power was given to him to scorch men with fire.
9 And men were scorched with great heat, and they ablasphemed the

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name of God who has power over these plagues; band they did not repent cand give Him glory.

Fifth Bowl: Darkness and Pain

10 Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl aon the throne of the beast, band his kingdom became full of darkness; cand they gnawed their tongues because of the pain.
11 They blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds.

Sixth Bowl: Euphrates Dried Up

12 Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl aon the great river Euphrates, band its water was dried up, cso that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared.
13 And I saw three unclean aspirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of bthe dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of cthe false prophet.
14 For they are spirits of demons, aperforming signs, which go out to the kings 1of the earth and of bthe whole world, to gather them to cthe battle of that great day of God Almighty.
15 a“Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, blest he walk naked and they see his shame.”
16 aAnd they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, 1Armageddon.

Seventh Bowl: The Earth Utterly Shaken

17 Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, a“It is done!”
18 And athere were noises and thunderings and lightnings; band there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake cas had not occurred since men were on the earth.
19 Now athe great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And bgreat Babylon cwas remembered before God, dto give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.
20 Then aevery island fled away, and the mountains were not found.
21 And great hail from heaven fell upon men, each hailstone about the weight of a talent. Men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, since that plague was exceedingly great.

page 496


The Glories of the Messiah and His Bride

To the Chief Musician. aSet to 1“The Lilies.” A 2Contemplation of the sons of Korah. A Song of Love.

1 MY heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a 1ready writer.

2 You are fairer than the sons of men; aGrace is poured upon Your lips; Therefore God has blessed You forever.
3 1Gird Your asword upon Your thigh, bO Mighty One, With Your cglory and Your majesty.
4 aAnd in Your majesty ride prosperously because of truth, humility, and righteousness; And Your right hand shall teach You awesome things.
5 Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the King’s enemies; The peoples fall under You.

6 aYour throne, O God, is forever and ever; A bscepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.
7 You love righteousness and hate wickedness; Therefore God,Your God, has aanointed You With the oil of bgladness more than Your companions.

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2Heb. Maschil
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8 All Your garments are ascented with myrrh and aloes and cassia, Out of the ivory palaces, by which they have made You glad.
9 aKings’ daughters are among Your honorable women; bAt Your right hand stands the queen in gold from Ophir.

10 Listen, O daughter, Consider and incline your ear; aForget your own people also, and your father’s house;
11 So the King will greatly desire your beauty; aBecause He is your Lord, worship Him.
12 And the daughter of Tyre will come with a gift; aThe rich among the people will seek your favor.

13 The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace; Her clothing is woven with gold.
14 aShe shall be brought to the King in robes of many colors; The virgins, her companions who follow her, shall be brought to You.
15 With gladness and rejoicing they shall be brought; They shall enter the King’s palace.
16 Instead of Your fathers shall be Your sons, aWhom You shall make princes in all the earth.
17 aI will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; Therefore the people shall praise You forever and ever.




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